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We’re a team of passionate digital marketing professionals specialising in the latest online advertising and marketing trends. Backed by our in-house bespoke software, we make changes for customers in milliseconds to stay ahead in the ever-moving landscape of digital advertising.



SEO Services For Auckland & NZ

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Search engine optimisation is the process and service to improve your website’s organic visibility in Google search results, thereby attracting the right people in need of what you have to offer and driving profitable business growth. However, SEO requires technical skills and takes time and effort to maintain page one rankings.

How do you keep up with Google’s complex algorithm? How do you know which keywords to target and how to incorporate them naturally into your content? How do you make sure Google can crawl and index your website and match it with the right audience? That’s why you need to speak to the SEO gurus at Click’d to ensure your SEO campaign will deliver the results you expect while complying with the ever-changing digital landscape.

As a pioneering Auckland SEO agency, we have helped improve the organic rankings and generate quality leads for many ambitious B2B and B2C clients, using our proven, effective SEO methods. We work hard on optimising your SEO campaign for long-term growth, from conducting in-depth keyword research and writing captivating, SEO-friendly content to building brand authority with backlinks and implementing technical SEO tactics.

90% of users only check the first page of Google’s search results. We constantly monitor and improve your SEO campaign to ensure that your website stays on page one, captures the attention of customers, drives them to click and, ultimately, enquires or purchases. If you are sick of losing customers to competitors, let the Click’d SEO team devise a powerful, smart SEO campaign that is laser-focused on helping you gain greater market share and profits.

Depending on the current state of your website (i.e. how much improvement it needs), the strength of your competition and the amount of budget you have, it could take anywhere from six to twelve months in order to rank your website for the most relevant, competitive keywords. Don’t wait any longer. Let’s start your SEO campaign with a consultation and site audit today.