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We’re a team of passionate digital marketing professionals specialising in the latest online advertising and marketing trends. Backed by our in-house bespoke software, we make changes for customers in milliseconds to stay ahead in the ever-moving landscape of digital advertising.



Facebook Ads Services

Your Facebook advertising, in one place with Click'd


With over 3 million active Kiwi users, Facebook is one of the most popular social networks in New Zealand. It also provides a fantastic opportunity for businesses like yours to connect with customers, communicate brand messages, and even sell products through Facebook advertising. Let us help drive leads for your B2C or B2B by targeting your ideal customers.

Click’d is a leading digital marketing agency specialising in creating super-targeted, conversion-driven Facebook Ads campaigns. We achieve this by first understanding you and your audience’s needs and conducting extensive research on your competitors’ ad strategy. We then carefully design your ad visuals and craft compelling ad copies, maximising the likelihood of clicks, enquiries and conversions.

With over 18 years of experience creating profitable Facebook campaigns for our clients, you can rely on us to build brand awareness, attract leads, and boost sales. Our Facebook advertising experts make sure your ads target the right audience at the right time and are appealing to your audience. Not sure how to target your audience? Don’t worry! Just get in touch with us, and let us show you how.

There are millions of New Zealanders using Facebook every day. So how do you identify your ideal customers from these users? Simple – with Facebook’s powerful targeting options. Using the targeting capabilities, you can narrow your exact audience and create ads tailored to them by their demographics, interests, locations, behaviours, and even life events, such as weddings. You can even retarget customers who’ve previously visited your website and show interest in your offerings.

It doesn’t require a genius to set up a Facebook campaign. However, it does take the continuous work of well-versed Facebook specialists to fine-tune and optimise the long-term success of Facebook advertising. If you are looking to attract quality traffic to your website, maximise revenue or want to run a remarketing campaign, our digital marketing experts can devise the ultimate strategy to achieve your goals.