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We’re a team of passionate digital marketing professionals specialising in the latest online advertising and marketing trends. Backed by our in-house bespoke software, we make changes for customers in milliseconds to stay ahead in the ever-moving landscape of digital advertising.



TikTok Ads Services

Your TikTok advertising, in one place with Click'd


Take advantage of TikTok ads and connect with your audience in unique ways. TikTok is a social networking platform popular amongst Gen-Z and millennials. It allows users to create videos and share them with their friends. As such, TikTok ads offer an excellent opportunity for businesses to reach target audiences in a fun and entertaining way.

If you’re looking to target Gen Z, then look no further. Click’d digital marketing team can help you with TikTok advertising. We work closely with you to show your customers your brand’s personality and ensure you reach them in the shortest time possible. Leave the planning, filming and video editing to the specialists at Click’d.

Even though TikTok is a relatively young platform compared to Facebook and Instagram, don’t underestimate the consumer buying power of its young users. TikTok advertising is about creativity and capturing attention in the shortest time. Our experienced TikTok team knows how to make your ads memorable and stand out.

Our Gen-Z marketing experts use their experience to develop a TikTok strategy unique to your brand and goals, focusing purely on driving quality leads to your business. You can rely on us to help you navigate through the new advertising medium and help you be among the first to reap the benefits of TikTok. 

Growing your brand in TikTok is one of the most cost-effective ways to build brand awareness among Gen-Z, i.e. your future, next-generation customers. Not only are we experienced in creating In-Feed Video ads and Brand Takeover ads, but we are also focused on driving users to your website and amplifying your brand voice with Hashtag Challenges. Don’t wait. Be the first brand in your industry to fully adopt TikTok.