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We’re a team of passionate digital marketing professionals specialising in the latest online advertising and marketing trends. Backed by our in-house bespoke software, we make changes for customers in milliseconds to stay ahead in the ever-moving landscape of digital advertising.



Google Ads Services

Your Google advertising, in one place with Click'd


What’s the fastest way to display your website on the top of the page in the Google search engine results page? Run a Google Ads campaign! Google Ads, also known as pay-per-click (PPC) ads or AdWords, allows you to communicate your brand message to targeted customers and deliver instant visibility and conversions – be it sales, calls, enquiries.

Here at Click’d, we help you cut through the clutter to reach the right people at the right, with compelling ad copies that encourage them to take action. We conduct comprehensive market research, plan out keywords, and devise ad strategies, so you generate a positive ROI with your Google Ads campaigns. Get in touch with us today, and we will get your adverts up and running in no time. 

Our experienced PPC specialists have successfully transformed underperforming campaigns and created new leads-generating campaigns for thousands of NZ businesses across all industries. We’re confident that we can help you find profitable keywords and create strategic Google Ads campaigns that align with your KPIs and give you a competitive edge.

Setting up and launching a campaign is just the beginning. We then work collaboratively with you to fine-tune every element of your campaign, ensuring your ads deliver the results you expected. Through constant optimisation and data analysis, we’ll help you bid competitively for top positions in search results while lowering your costs.

Whether you want to super-charge your online brand reputation, drive high-quality traffic to your website, or increase your online revenue, Google Ads are the most effective way to reach your target customers immediately, and it takes a highly-trained PPC and Google Ads specialist to achieve that results. Get in touch with us, and let’s create a results-focused, objective campaign together.